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Children are a heritage from the LORD... --Psalm 127:3


Course Descriptions


Band and Choir begin at the 5th grade through graduation with performance-based opportunities throughout the year.  Students are instructed and gain experience through individual and group presentations.  Honor band, community outreach, team building, and support for the arts are just a few of the extra benefits of being a member of the HCA Band and/or Choir.

The HCA Art department teaches basics in elementary with more skilled projects in middle school. High school student have the opportunity to explore art in a variety of mediums.

With the goals of encouraging students to become comfortable in front of others and learning how to encourage and support classmates, Theatre Arts is available for freshman through seniors with performances in the Fall and in the Spring.

Leadership Styles and Applications allows high school students to understand the different theories of leadership, how to recognize those in others, and how to become a better leader.

Life Skills teaches those skills needed for a successful transition to college and the workplace.  From how to cook and perform simple sewing to how to select a profession, Life Skills allows students to get a firsthand introductory look at what it takes to be “on their own”.

The Yearbook staff is composed of juniors and seniors committed to documenting the activities of HCA. The yearbook is a national winner for excellence in high school publications.

HCA photography allows for creative as well as structured events for bettering the photography process on a personal and professional level.

Film Studies is open to juniors and seniors and looks at the film industry to the present.  Over forty films are viewed chronologically in class, from comedies to westerns to dramas, to encourage students to learn about themselves by watching others.

All sophomore through senior fine arts students attend Disney Youth Education Workshops with instructions in their specific discipline.

Foreign Language

Intro to Spanish

In this class, students learn the basics of the Spanish language. This includes vocabulary, common phrases, pronunciation, and basic grammar. Modes of learning includes oral reviews, pronunciation and writing exercises. In addition, the student studies Hispanic culture and celebrations.

Spanish I

Spanish I students are given the opportunity to learn how to pronounce, read, and write the language. They are also exposed to basic culture differences of Spanish- speaking countries. Modes of learning include daily oral reviews and pronunciation practice, written exercise and special projects.This course can be selected by 9th -12th grade students.

Spanish II

Spanish II students build upon the vocabulary, writing, and communication skills acquired in Spanish I, improving receptive skills of oral and reading comprehension, as well as productive skills of writing and speaking. Modes of learning include oral review through conversation and writing exercise, pronunciation and drills, short reading and translation.This course can be selected by 10th-12th grade students.