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Course Descriptions


Math 6

This course is designed to help students master the standards and obtain a foundation for algebra. This course focuses on problem solving, proportional thinking, and algebraic thinking. This course introduces several concepts including ratios and proportional relationships, expressions and equations, Geometry, and statistics and probability.

Math 7

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to improve their basic math skills and prepare them for success in either Pre-Algebra or Algebra I. Pre-Algebra is the beginning of high school math. The course introduces a variety of topics including integers, ratios and polynomials. This course is taken by all 7th grade students.

Pre-Algebra 8

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to improve their basic math skills and prepare them for success in Algebra I. Students will begin with a general review of order of operations, exponents, equations, metrics, and data analysis. Integers, linear equations, functions, fractions, decimals, percents, ratios, and geometry with focus on problem solving and application will also be covered. This course is taken by all 8th grade students not taking Algebra I.​​​​​​​

Algebra I 

This course is designed to challenge students to become active learners of mathematics; learners who uncover mathematical relationships in the world around them. Students are exposed to a wide variety of new concepts and skills that will be used to explore problems, organize information, look for patterns, and make conjectures. Prerequisites: For 8th graders - A 90% grade average every 9 weeks of Math 7,  teacher recommendation, acceptable score on a math placement test, and/or standardized testing scores. For 9th Graders - Pre-Algebra 8.  


Geometry is the mathematical study of shapes, their properties, and their relationships. Emphasis is placed on student discovery and exploration and on formulating and defending conjectures. Geometry includes an in-depth study of reasoning, polygons, congruence, similarity, right triangles, circles, area, volume, and transformations. Students will use a variety of approaches, such as coordinate, transformational, and axiomatic systems. Students will also derive an appreciation for the connections between geometry and other disciplines such as art and architecture. Students who complete the geometry course will know and understand the core materials in the outline. Prerequisites: Algebra I, scientific calculator required.

Honors Geometry

Advanced Geometry taught at a more challenging depth and pace.  Prerequisite:   An 85% grade average every 9 weeks of Algebra I in the 8th grade and teacher recommendation.

Algebra II/Trig

This course is designed to build on algebraic and geometric concepts. It develops algebra skills such as systems of equations, advanced polynomials, imaginary and complex numbers, quadratics, and includes the study of trigonometric functions. It also introduces matrices and their properties. The content of this course is important for students’ success on both the ACT and college mathematics entrance exams.  Prerequisites: Algebra I, Geometry; TI 83/84 graphing calculator is required. Required for graduation.

Honors Algebra II w/Trig

Advanced level Algebra II w/Trigonometry.  Prerequisite:  An 85% grade average every 9 weeks of Honors Geometry taken in the 9th  grade and teacher recommendation. This course is taken by all 10th graders not in Geometry.


This course is a preparation for college mathematics. Topics covered include: Circular functions, periodic functions, identities, graphing, applied trigonometry, complex numbers, trigonometric inverses, conic sections, curve sketching, matrices, functions, coordinate geometry, logarithms, and advanced Algebra concepts.  Prerequisites: Algebra II/Trig; TI 83/84 graphing calculator required.

Honors Pre-Calculus

Advanced level Precalculus.  Prerequisite:  An 85% grade average every 9 weeks of Honors Algebra II w/Trig and teacher recommendation.  

AP Calculus

This is a college level course under the College Board curriculum that involves extensive studies of functions, limits, differentiation, integration, applications of differentiation and integration logarithmic and exponential functions, trig and inverse trig functions. Quarterly, students will complete AP Exam Preparation material to familiarize themselves with types and difficulty levels of AP Calculus questions. At the end of the curse students take the AP Calculus AB exam wich, depending on the score, may mean receiving college credit and possible exemption from college courses. However, it is necessary to check the policy of the college of choice to determine advantages. Prerequisite: Precalculus, teacher approval, and a TI 83/84 graphing calculator only