Hands-On Learning In Geography

Our talented staff continue to impress us with creative ways to teach various concepts that promote authentic and lasting learning for your students. One such classroom project took place on February 2nd when students enrolled in Geography took an in-depth look at math projections. Each student brought an orange and used it to locate and label the Earth’s hemispheres, equator, and prime meridian and discovered map projections as they peeled the Earth’s crust apart. Geography teacher, Mrs. Sigler, led the project and said, “I use hands-on learning at least two times with each unit. Hands-on learning is more beneficial to student learning because it allows students to see the concept first hand, and engages the student more than just traditional learning techniques.” 

This project has been a class favorite for over eight years and students were all smiles as they took a very large concept and brought it into perspective to more easily retain and apply their knowledge on the subject. More specifically, Mrs. Sigler said the project, “… it helps Geography students understand the world in spatial terms.” Take a look at these photos of students at work on the project. We look forward to seeing more hands-on learning in all subject areas throughout the final semester.

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