HCA Art Show Winners Announced!

Our student artists have been working hard all year exploring various media and techniques in the art classroom. Their hard work has paid off as ten student artworks placed at the AISA district art competition and several others earned ribbons at our school-wide show. Below is a list of students that participated in the district show and winners for our campus competition. Enjoy the photos of the district winners and congratulations to Mrs. Nichols and all of our creative student artists!

Out of 18 art pieces submitted to the AISA District Competition, 10 were awarded ribbons for either first, second, or third place! We competed with 7 other schools. The first place district winners will compete again at the state level in May.

AISA Art Competition participants – K5: Bella, Jordan, and Oliver; 1st: Brittish; 2nd: Benson; 4th: Alden, Selah, & Cash; 5th: Sadia, Ruth, & Caroline; 7th: Trey; 8th: Maggie; 9th: Kendall & Hayden; 10th: Greyson, ABC, & Kai

HCA Art Competition Winners

BEST OF SHOW, UPPER SCHOOL: Alexandria Champagne, Grade 10 (Glass of Milk Painting)

Sculpture, grades 6-12

1st Place Sculpture: Zack Kuhn, grade 7, ceramic coil pot
2nd Place Sculpture: Maggie Ingram, grade 8, ceramic coil pot and flower sculpture
3rd Place Sculpture, Silas George, grade 9, ceramic chicken pot 

Grades 9-12 Drawing, Painting, Design

1st Place Mixed Media: Alexandria Champagne, grade 10, scripture interpretation drawing/painting
2nd Place Mixed Media: Harris Weed, grade 12, scripture interpretation drawing/painting
3rd Place Mixed Media: Hayden Ragland, grade 9, scripture interpretation drawing/painting
1st Place Painting Technique: Kendall Nelson, grade 9, acrylic fluid painting of a sunset
2nd Place Painting Technique: Chris Manston: grade 10, bowling ball painting
3rd Place Painting Technique: Ben Tierney, grade 11, acrylic fluid painting of a sunset/sunrise
1st Place Drawing Technique: Kendall Nelson, grade 9, color pencil name design
2nd Place Drawing Technique: Hayden Ragland, grade 9, drawing of a ring
3rd Place Drawing Technique: Harris Weed, grade 12, pencil sketch
1st Place Visual Communication: Kendall Nelson, grade 9, scripture interpretation drawing/painting
2nd Place Visual Communication: Harris Weed, grade 12, color pencil name design
3rd Place Visual Communication: Silas George, grade 9, scripture interpretation drawing/painting

Grades 6-8 Drawing, Design

1st Place Drawing: Maggie Ingram, grade 8, perspective hallway
2nd Place Drawing: Caleb Rigdon, grade 7, perspective hallway
3rd Place Drawing: Trey Bond, grade 7, self-portrait
1st Place Mixed Media: Trey Bond, grade 7, bat prints
2nd Place Mixed Media: Katie Reneau, grade 6, butterfly prints
3rd Place Mixed Media: Emma Deason, grade 6, rotational symmetry
1st Place Design: Maggie Ingram, grade 8, ceramic coil pot
2nd Place Design: Drew Parson, grade 6, rotational symmetry
3rd Place Design: Stella Howard, grade 6, ceramic coil pot
1st Place Originality: James Isaminger, grade 7, self-portrait
2nd Place Originality: Gavin Winesette, grade 8, perspective hallway
3rd Place Originality: John Ford, printmaking

BEST OF SHOW, LOWER SCHOOL: Ethan Buycke, grade 2, Octopus Painting

1st Place Sculpture: Benson Goodwin, grade 2 (Robot)
2nd Place Sculpture: Cash Nelson, grade 4 (Lego vehicle)
3rd Place Sculpture, Coi Sistrunk, grade 2 (Robot)

Grades 4 and 5

1st Place Mixed Media: Jackson Bond, grade 4 (Snowflake)
2nd Place Mixed Media: Harrison Amick, grade 5 (Aquarium Perspective)
3rd Place Mixed Media: Alden Wingard, grade 4 (Pixel Person)
1st Place Most Creative: Reed Walker, grade 5 (Landscape Painting in Orange and Blue)
2nd Place Most Creative: Cash Nelson, grade 4 (Pixel Person)
3rd Place Most Creative: Caroline Jones, grade 5, (Snowflake)
1st Place Painting Technique: Alden Wingard, grade 4 (Acrylic Landscape on canvas)
2nd Place Painting Technique: Harrison Amick: grade 5 (Native American inspired design)
3rd Place Painting Technique: McKinsey Hayes, grade 4 (Snowflake)
1st Place Drawing Technique: Ruth Miller, grade 5 (Aquarium Perspective)
2nd Place Drawing Technique: Caroline Jones, grade 5 (drawing of a person/McDonald’s)
3rd Place Drawing Technique: Caden Crawford, grade 5 (Psanky egg design)
1st Place, Best Use of 3D Space: Josiah King, grade 4 (abstract planet)
2nd Place, Best Use of 3D Space: Selah King, grade 4 (Sunset pastel)
3rd Place, Best Use of 3D Space: Ruth Miller, grade 5 (Flower painting)

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

1st Place Most Creative: Bella Moore, K5 (Elephant)
2nd Place Most Creative: Leighton Jolley, K5 (foil design)
3rd Place Most Creative: Cayden Smith, K5 (Robot Collage)
1st Place Best Effort: Kingslee Sanner, Grade 1 (Tree collage)
2nd Place Best Effort: Raegan Thomas, grade 1 (Elephant)
3rd Place Best Effort: Brooklyn Patterson, grade 2 (collage)
1st Place Craftsmanship/Neatness: Jackson Wallace, grade 1 (origami fish)
2nd Place Craftsmanship/Neatness: Annabelle Cao, grade 1 (Elephant)
3rd Place Craftsmanship/Neatness: Brittish Blevins, grade 1 (robot collage)
1st Place Drawing: Brittish Blevins, grade 1 (vase of flowers)
2nd Place Drawing: Kingslee Sanner, grade 1 (foil design)
3rd Place Drawing: Khloe Osby, grade 3 (Psanky egg design)
1st Place Mixed Media: Jordan King, K5 (robot collage)
2nd Place Mixed Media: Colton Hardin, grade 1 (volcano)
3rd Place Mixed Media: Anali Crites, grade 3 (collage)

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