Heritage Students Discover Through Exploration and Multi-facted Learning

A look inside Social Studies and Visual Arts at Heritage Christian Academy

As we wrap up the first quarter of instruction for the 2021-2022 school year, we would like to share some of the interactive learning that has taken place in some classrooms. In Mrs. Sigler’s 7th grade Civics Class, students learned about different types of governments including monarchy, oligarchy, direct democracy, representative democracy, dictatorship, theocracy and totalitarian. To make these topics more engaging and tangible, students used gummy bears to create a visual representation of how these forms of government work. In groups, they began by defining each government type and then used different colored gummy bears to demonstrate the structure of each branch of that government. After completing their gummy bear government creations, students enjoyed eating the gummy bears as a sweet reward.

Our elementary school students participated in a cross-curricular lesson in celebration of International Dot Day. This engaging lesson included art history, literature, science, and visual arts. Students began by reading the book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds before learning about the famous abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky. Mrs. Knott made the art history lesson very memorable by using repetition and silly voices to teach the students about the 3 elements of art – Line, Shape, and Color – that would be the foundation of their Dot Artworks. Lower grades also enjoyed a little science experiment by watching the shapes and lines drawn with markers begin to move, spread, and blend once water was introduced. These classrooms and others at Heritage are sure to demonstrate more activities and units that give students the chance to learn in new and interesting ways through the remainder of the year.

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